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India's Restaurant. Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian & Tandoori Specialties.
India's Restaurant. Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian & Tandoori Specialties.
India's Restaurant. Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian & Tandoori Specialties.

Research on taste of people

Muhammad Ismail Thahir was the third generation of the family business. But, the garment store is now converted to a Biriyani restaurant named as ‘Mughal Biriyani Palace.’ Muhammad Ismail Thahir being the founder and owner of the restaurant went through research for the 2 long years. He went to various parts of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and entire southern part of India. He spoke to several people about their likes and dislikes on restaurant food. A total survey has been conducted for the 2 long years before launching of ‘Mughal biriyani palace’.

Launch of Mughal Biriyani Palace

On 9th of October 2014, the restaurant named Mughal Biriyani Palace was launched. The restaurant is situated in Rajahmahendravaram of Andhra Pradesh. The previous name of the city was Rajahmundry and is located in the banks of Godavari River. The restaurant is placed at the centre just in the centre of the city so that people staying in various locations can easily find out the Mughal Biriyani Palace.

Quality of Food

Muhammad Ismail Thahir with Bachelor degree in Arts has also researched in the quality of ingredients used in making Biriyani in his restaurant. He also kept on briefing his chefs and F & B experts for including best quality ingredients in Biriyani. He also keeps eye personally so that the workers use no. 1 quality ingredients. He ensures not to include any type of adulteration within the food. Mughal Biriyani Palace has been really popular among all biriyani restaurants of that area. Even people visiting the city from other parts of Andhra Pradesh or country has tasted and appreciated the food. Since Md. Ismail Thahair is really very particular about the quality of ingredients, digesting the food also won’t be a trouble. Rather, it is so light and easily digestible that people of all age group can easily consume it.

Future of Mughal Biriyani Palace

The two years old Mughal Biriyani Palace is not going to stay as a small restaurant for tars. Rather, it has the plan to develop into big restaurant chain with its branches in various parts of the state. The planning is going on and the owner is planning a big restaurant future in the coming 2-3 months.